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Cat laying down and stretching

About Us

The Feline Medical Center

Where Cats & Their Owners Are Our Only Concern

The Feline Medical Center was created to fulfill a very important need for cats and their owners in Southeast Houston and the surrounding communities. Our veterinarians had seen first-hand how nervous and frightened many feline patients become when taken to regular pet hospitals. Just the normal sights, sounds, and smells of a typical veterinary hospital can be disturbing enough to make most kitties not want to leave their carriers. Then you throw in the nosy Labrador retriever that wants to sniff the carrier or the hyperactive puppy that won't stop barking in the lobby. It's no wonder most cats are stressed before their appointment even begins.

That's why at The Feline Medical Center, everything has been designed with your cat's comfort in mind. The waiting area and exam rooms are quiet and odor free. Our lobby has an aquarium with colorful fish to attract your kitty's attention. We want to ensure that your kitty feels safe and secure so that we can provide the veterinary care he or she needs to be healthy for many, many years to come.

Our commitment to quality and service doesn't end with our feline patients—we are dedicated to their owners as well. When you come to The Feline Medical Center, you will receive personal customer service in a supportive atmosphere that extends beyond our veterinary hospital's doors. We encourage you to contact us any time you have a pet care question or health concern about your cat. Whether it's which type of pet toys are most appropriate or how to convince a very reluctant kitty to get into a carrier, we have the answers and will happily assist you. Our veterinarians and staff are truly passionate about caring for cats and meeting their special pet care needs.